Gondola Shelving with Wire Risers and Dividers (Base + 4)

from £224.78ex vat

Gondola shelving (Base + 4) with wire risers and dividers is a double sided unit, available in a variety of heights with a base shelf and four upper shelves, with each upper shelf having a wire riser along the front and four wire dividers. The upper shelves can be laid flat or tilted and can be irregularly spaced up the unit, allowing for great flexibility of display. Gondola shelving base plus 4 is sometimes called tall gondola as it tends to be the choice for taller units

Gondola shelving units are designed to join together in a run therefore each bay of gondola shelving is supplied with one upright and two base feet so an end of run leg (1 x upright and 2 x base feet) is required to finish each separate run of shelving.

The prices for the gondola shelving with wire risers and dividers (Base + 4) bays include the following shelving components:
  • 1 x upright
  • 2 x base legs
  • 2 x base shelf
  • 8 x upper shelves
  • 16 x shelf brackets
  • 10 x ticket edging
  • 2 x plinth
  • 1 x top cover
  • 8 x wire risers
  • 32 x wire dividers
  • plain back panels both sides

from £228.78Shallow Gondola Shelving (base + 4) With Wire Risers & Dividers
from £249.54Medium Gondola Shelving (base + 4) With Wire Risers & Dividers
from £292.26Deep Gondola Shelving (base + 4) With Wire Risers & Dividers
from £349.88Extra Deep Gondola Shelving (base + 4) With Wire Risers & Dividers
from £24.53Gondola Shelving End of Run legs

Assembly Instructions

Click above to view our shelving assembly video. To download the assembly instructions please click on the file below.

End of run legs

End of run legs

Important! An end of run leg, which consists of one upright and one base leg, is required to complete the run. Depending on your configuration you may need two uprights and two base legs.

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